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Medallion Capital has partnered with APOLLO, Canada’s leading online provider of personal & business insurance, to provide an exclusive renter's insurance offer.

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Why do I need Renter's Insurance?

Renter’s Insurance is like an umbrella in hand

There are many unplanned situations you may one day find yourself in. Renter's insurance is an affordable, proactive measure you can take instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for no rain.

APOLLO is making Renter's Insurance effortless, so you can focus on what’s important —enjoying your new home.

Renter's Insurance helps cover any costs associated with content destruction, theft, personal liability, or living expenses should your rental unit become uninhabitable.

Competitive premiums & best in class coverage. We make it easy to get the coverage you need.

Why choose APOLLO? We've heard we're easy to love

I've been looking for tenant insurance for awhile now and even with applying online for a lot of other companies, you still need to go in office or speak to a person. That doesn't always work for me or it's not at my convenience. I knew what I needed for my insurance and when I found out about APOLLO Insurance, I was able to apply quick and easily online. Everything was easy to read and understand. It took less than 5-10 mins. Cost was very reasonable and manageable with convenient monthly payments!

Liza R, Google Review

Why choose APOLLO? We've heard we're easy to love

I recently purchased insurance from APOLLO. The entire process was very easy. Their website is user friendly and clarifies everything that you need to know to purchase an insurance policy. It took me 15 min to fill in the information and the policy was in my email. The staff is also very professional. I immediately received a call and follow up email from them to make sure if everything went well and in case I have any questions. Highly recommended.

Tejasvini A, Google Review

Why choose APOLLO? We've heard we're easy to love

It was a quick and user friendly set up without any confusion of what you're getting for your money. I like when things are straight up and to the point and don't frustrate or confuse me. Great job, APOLLO and I assure you that if anyone asks me about insurance needs I will gladly refer your services 😀 👍 keep on killing it! Canadians definitely need less stress in our lives these days, now I have one less thing to worry about.

Joshua V, Google Review

APOLLO has you covered

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