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MoneyWeHave has partnered with APOLLO to provide an exclusive renter’s insurance offer!

Renter’s insurance (also known as tenant's insurance) can protect you from risks including accidental water or fire damage and can insure your belongings. Carrying appropriate renter's insurance is a small investment that can result in massive savings if you ever suffer a loss. It is designed to protect you from risks such as accidental water or fire damage to your property, and lawsuits made against you.

Benefits of using APOLLO:

  • Pay directly off your credit or debit card on a monthly or annual basis
  • Insurance certificate emailed to you instantly, 24/7/365
  • Competitive premiums & best in class coverage

APOLLO is Canada's leading digital insurance provider. We make purchasing renter's insurance simple.

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By clicking through this page, it is agreed and understood that you and anyone intended to be insured under this policy has given us an authorization to send a Certificate/Proof of Insurance and/or a notification of tenant insurance cancellation to your Building/Property Manager, after you purchase or cancel your Tenant Insurance Policy.